Fuck Yeah Fakemon Sprites!

Sorry about the fact that I never post and I’m sorry if anything else ends up on here when I’m trying to put it on another sideblog.

The thing is, there really aren’t too many talented fakemon spriters who are still making sprites. Honestly, I could continue queueing things to this blog and updating more frequently, but I’d be posting the same 10~ artists over and over.

What do you think? Would ya’ll be okay with more frequent updates if it meant less diversity in artists?

Can i use some Sprites? from Anonymous

No, no, NO. At least, there’s the slim possibility you could, but you can’t go through me - I only made about two of the fakemon on this blog and I charge real money for their use becayse they take time and effort to make like any other art piece.

If you want to use the fakemon here, you have to get in contact with each artist individually and ask them. Without a proper idea of what you’re using them FOR (or otherwise monetary compensation) the artists’ answers will likely be no.

Pixel art is just like any other art yet somehow we’re the ones who get it worst about being asked for free stuff. Go figure.